The Third Book in "The Art of" Series . . . and an Epic Exhibit

The Art of Edward Knippers: Prints and Drawings will be released in September 2018 in conjunction with a massive retrospective art exhibit at Messiah College.

Edward Knippers is an artist very well known in Christian community and beyond. His bold colors, aggressive paint handling, (often) large scale, dramatic compositions, and (of course) the nudity of his figures make Knipper’s art stand out in any show. But, sometimes, thinking that we know an artist’s work can get in the way of continuing to look carefully at their work. 

In fact, that there is more to the art of Ed Knippers than what is described above. Some of the aesthetic and conceptual richness of his work was explored in his 2015 monograph Violent Grace. But there is more. This book, which focuses principally on Knipper’s work in printmaking, aims to further unpack the complexity of his art.

Praise for the book includes:

“This book honors Edward Knippers’ lesser known body of work—his prints and drawings. Parallel to his dramatic large scale paintings, he has consistently produced etchings, monotypes and especially linocuts. This monograph gives these equally important works their rightful recognition while more fully unpacking the complexity and depth of Knippers’ art.” —Sandra Bowden, artist

“Artists most often show another—and often very different—side to their work in prints and drawings. The magicof line  tells its own story. These works of Edward Knippers are no exception. Magic is the word for what you will see in these pages. It’s high time this work is better known! Cheers!!!” —Roberta Green Ahmanson, writer

“Across the many years that I have known Edward Knippers, I have come to expect two things: passion and faithfulness. Ed is passionate about the biblical narrative—especially the human stories that it contains—and faithful to do the work. Few artists have been as productive in the studio and over a long span of years as Ed Knippers. His expansive body of work needs to be seen.” —Cameron J. Anderson, artist and author

This is the third in a growing series of monographs focusing on important artists of faith. CLICK HERE to learn more about the art exhibit at Messiah College.