Square Halo Books was delighted to release The Art of Guy Chase this past year. It was the second in a series that we are developing that will be focussing on excellent visual artists who are followers of Christ. So it is with regret that we received the news that Guy passed away last week on the eighteenth of August. James Romaine commented that: "Guy was a great artist and a better person. He demonstrated that a work of art is a strategy of perceiving the world. His art’s humility and humor encourages a delight in the visible through a contemplation of the invisible. Or, is it the other around? Guy was able to see and manifest these as reconciled.” 

You can read the article in Comment about Guy Chase by Romaine here.

We are so very glad to have been able to publish a book that lauded this fine artist and a dear brother in Christ. In addition to our book, Karen Mulder has been working on an article to be released in Image Journal that will give an overview of Guy's work. Look for that this Fall. Also, CIVA's new sourcebook features Guy's work on the front cover and on all the divider pages.

A memorial service for Guy Chase is going to be held tomorrow, August 23rd, 10:00 am, in the House of Mercy Church.  Please remember his family in your prayers on Tuesday.