Starting at The End

Square Halo Books, Inc. began over a decade ago with the modest (and grand) goal of providing materials useful for encouraging and equipping the saints. Our first book was by A.D. Bauer, a pastor who, at that time, was teaching at Chesapeake Theological Seminary. From his classes on the writings of John came The End: A Reader's Guide to Revelation

.This book was not a regurgitation of all the popular theories of the last days but instead a book that laid out basic instruction on how to approach biblical interpretation—and then offered Scriptural definitions of the imagery in the book of Revelation gleaned from the rest of the Bible. With these tools in hand, it was hoped that Christians would be better equipped to study the end of the Bible on their own. We saw the value that The End would have to the larger church. So Square Halo published this book. As it turns out, over a decade later, this work on the controversial topic of eschatology was not to be the end of our company, but only the beginning.