The Beginning: A Second Look at the First Sin

One would think that with the long and consistent interpretive history of the Genesis account of the Fall of Man there would be no questions left to ask about the events that took place at the beginning. Yet questions continue to be asked by intelligent students of the Bible. If the serpent was possessed, why was he punished? How could an unfallen woman have wicked motivations for disobeying God? How could Adam eat the fruit if, as the Scriptures say, he was not deceived? These and other questions are addressed in The Beginning: A Second Look at the First Sin.

The inconsistencies in the traditional interpretation have been observed and commented on by many. Alternative views have been presented that have suggested that the Genesis account is mythological and intended as a metaphor. What is unique about The Beginning is that it addresses the inconsistencies in the traditional interpretation and offers a different way of understanding the biblical account while maintaining the historicity of the account and offering solutions in a theologically orthodox framework.

The Beginning presents a helpful discussion of infant salvation that clarifies the theological basis for the salvation of infants that die in their infancy. While it is widely accepted that infants are saved, some who think theologically are uncertain of how infants can be saved. The theological explanation provides clarity and comfort to those who doubt. The final chapter of the book addresses the difficult issue of a woman’s role based on the events in the Genesis account. Bauer’s interpretation is not derivative from any of the primary contemporary views but comes from his careful study of the Genesis and other passages in context leading to more of a middle way.

In conjunction with The Beginning: A Second Look at the First Sin, a portfolio of linocuts was pulled and those images are included in the book. The artists were: Chara Bauer, Ned Bustard, Tanja Butler, Matthew Clark, Tyrus Clutter, Edward Knippers.

". . . a very readable and engaging discussion on the nature and consequences of the original sin using the biblical accounts as his primary authority.. . A sound background in scripture, a solid presentation of his positions, and generous application make this book a very good reference on the subject."
—The American Journal of Biblical Theology

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