Rouault-Fujimura: Soliloquies

"While reading this I thought that this book and the joining of Rouault and Fujimura in conversation could go a long way toward helping art literati see the natural connections of faith, tradition and contemporary styles. Nothing will do more than the blending of these to heal the cultural landscape." 
—William Dyrness, author of Rouault: A Vision of Suffering and Salvation
"Bridging differences of time and culture, the art of Georges Rouault (1871–1958) and Makoto Fujimura (b. 1960) meet at the horizon between representation and abstraction. Rouault depicts a world on the verge of dissolving into pure form. Fujimura builds and stretches his materials and abstract forms until they give birth to images in the viewer’s mind. Yet in both artists’ work, we see the world enriched by a creative imagination rooted in faith." 
—Dr. James Romaine, New York-based art historian


*Note: Much of this book is now part of Makoto Fujimura's retrospective monograph, The Golden Sea. Therefore, it was allowed to go out of print.

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