Revealed: A Storybook Bible for Grown-Ups

Instead of cute cartoons of sweet stories, this "storybook Bible" offers gripping artwork—from medieval woodcuts to contemporary linocuts—depicting well-known passages along with those shocking stories that are often hidden from view. Both the good and the bad are on display here because to reveal the true scope of redemption, the mystery, sex, and violence found in God’s great story must not be glossed over. This book intends to portray the people in the Bible as exactly what they were—rapists, murderers, philanderers, failures, and liars. These accounts simultaneously shock and comfort by allowing the reader to connect with the saints in the Bible as real people. Set aside childhood preconceptions. Take up and read Revealed. See the Bible with grown-up eyes.

Artists in this book include Hans Burgkmair, Margaret Bustard, Ned Bustard, Tanja Butler, Matthew L. Clark, Lovis Corinth, Erin Cross, Albrecht Dürer, Jean Duvet, Wayne Lacson Forte, Richard Gaston, Eric Gill, Steve Halla, Craig Hawkins, David Busch Johnson, Diego Jourdan Pereira, Edward Knippers, Chris Koelle, Kevin Lindholm, Franz Marc, Chris Stoffel Overvoorde, Steve Prince, Mark T. Smith, Justin Sorensen, Ryan Stander, Rembrandt van Rijn, Henri Van Straten, and Kreg Yingst

"Revealed sets out to crush any notion that the Bible is a safe, inspirational read. Instead the artwork here, historic and contemporary, takes a warts-and-all approach to even the most troubling passages, trading well-meaning elision for unvarnished truth. If you gaze deeper, Revealed springs another surprise, too: it debunks the equally prevalent misconception that a sacred anthology ages in the making can offer no single, unifying message. To see that message, however, might just require a second look at verses that make the pious avert their eyes."
—J. Mark Bertrand—novelist, speaker, and founder of the Bible Design Blog

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ISBN 978-1-941106-03-7  |  List: $36.99