Objects of Grace: Conversations on creativity and faith

Conversations with some of today's most intriguing artists—Sandra Bowden, Dan Callis, Mary McCleary, John Silvis, Edward Knippers, Erica Downer, Albert Pedulla, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Joel Sheesley and Makoto Fujimura—focuses on the intersection of Christianity and creativity. In addition to the interviews and full color reproductions, this work also features a discussion with artist Makoto Fujimura, who lives two blocks from Ground Zero, commenting on how September 11th impacted him and the art community. Objects of Grace promises to enrich our understanding of the artistic process and works of art as they offer insights into the creator God.

"Objects of Grace is the kind of book that I've been waiting twenty years to see. Here is a dynamic young art critic talking to a group of exceptionally talented visual artists about both contemporary art and Christian faith without a shred of self-consciousness or defensiveness. If earlier generations witnessed Christian disengagement from culture, and recent generations have labored to re-engage culture, this book offers us a glimpse of the future—a fully integrated approach to that zone where faith becomes incarnate. James Romaine has wisely chosen to emphasize variety in this book by choosing artists working in a widely differing media and styles, as well as representatives of several age groups. By embracing this diversity, Romaine actually conveys more strongly the underlying unity of faith and vision shared by these artists. To crown this achievement, the book is itself a work of art, lovingly and vividly designed. If church historians and cultural commentators want to find the cutting edge in American religion today, they should look no further than Objects of Grace."
—Image: A Journal of the Arts & Religion

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