Light at Ground Zero:
St. Paul's Chapel after 9/11

Light at Ground Zero: St. Paul’s Chapel After 9/11 is a picture essay by Krystyna Sanderson that tells of the relief work carried on at St. Paul’s Chapel, an 18th-century Episcopal church that stands less than one hundred yards from the World Trade Center site. Accented with fragments of prayers and Scripture, these photographs show the love, encouragement and radical hospitality offered to the men and women who labored after September 11 in the most difficult and challenging context anyone ever could have imagined.

Light at Ground Zero was officially launched at 2003 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Minneapolis. Photographs from the book have been exhibited at Barrington Center for the Arts, Gordon College, The Church of St. Mary the Virgin (New York), and The General Theological Seminary. Photographs from the book were also published in articles in Episcopal Life and The Episcopal New Yorker, posted on the National Geographic website, and used in the lectures at Harvard Medical School ("Healing at Ground Zero"), Hendrix College ("The Artist as Priest, Theologian and Prophet"), Grace Church in New York ("Work Is Prayer"). Krystyna and her photographs were also featured in an interview on the 700 Club television show.

" . . . a moving rendition of the heroism and love that emerged from the explosion of 9/11. . . it’s a beautiful book”
—700 Club

“. . . an elegant collection of 100 photographs that capture the caring and grief expressed by those who sought refuge in St. Paul’s.”
—Episcopal Life

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