A Book for Hearts & Minds: What You Should Read and Why

Somewhere in central Pennsylvania there is a warm and inviting labyrinth called Hearts & Minds Bookstore. Byron and Beth Borger, the caretakers of Hearts & Minds, have worked there tirelessly for over three decades to create a space for serious, reflective readers. The Borgers are committed to helping their customers live out Christ’s Lordship in the midst of our highly secularized, postmodern culture. They have carried out this mission through their shop, mail-order services, and book tables at conferences around the country. Their unremitting efforts to offer quality books for thinking biblically about every area of life has inspired a volume on this, their bookstore’s thirty-fifth anniversary.

    One of the many ways Hearts & Minds has blessed their customers has been through BookNotes. In those reviews, Byron shares colorful anecdotes and passionate arguments for why to read books, and amplified lists suggesting what books to read. In this book, the Borger’s friends have adopted the BookNotes model and offer a defense for books in their spheres of interest, along with a number of titles for the reader to consider investing their time in for deeper study.

“I thank God for Byron and Beth Borger—they are such solid gold people, and friends as well. Without them, many a thoughtful Christian writer would be on the endangered species list in the face of the tsunami of Big Data recommended reading. While Hearts & Minds exists, serious Christian books can live too.”

—Os Guinness, author of Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization

The topics (and the writers) in this book are: Reading (Byron Borger), Art (Ned Bustard), Biblical Studies (Calvin Seerveld), Cooking (Andi Ashworth), Creation Care (Byron Borger) Creative Nonfiction (Gregory Wolfe), Education (G. Tyler Fischer), Ethics (David P. Gushee), Fantasy (Matthew Dickerson), Film (Denis Haack), History (Daniel Spanjer), Law (Mike Schutt), Literature (Karen Swallow Prior), New Testament Studies (N.T. Wright), Poetry (Aaron Belz), Politics (Eric Bryan), Science (Michael Kucks), Sociology (Bradshaw Frey), Urban Planning (Tom Becker), and Vocation (Steve Garber)

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ISBN 978-1-941106-07-5  |  List: $18.99