Good Posture: Engaging Current Culture with Ancient Faith

Civility, Hospitality, Humanity, and Creativity are often missing in public (or even personal) communication these days. How do we venture out into the chasm left by their absence? In 2010 Tom Becker began to do just that by offering a variety of forums through The Row House. This book is a record of that work, and offers a modicum of uncommon sense on how to be a faithful presence in our communities—while also making an earnest proposal for embracing Wonder in a cynical world.

C.S. Lewis aptly said that if we read history carefully, we will soon discover that those who have done the most good for the present world are the ones who thought the most of the next. My long-time friend, Tom Becker, does a marvelous job calling us back to this vision in Good Posture. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly. Please read it cover to cover. Please share it. And please, for the love of God, start living it.”
—Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church (Nashville) and author of Jesus Outside the Lines, Befriend, and From Weakness to Strength

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ISBN 978-1-941106-08-2  |  List: $16.99