Godly Character(s): Insights for SPIRITUAL Passion from the Lives of 8 Women in the Bible

Igniting spiritual passion doesn’t have to be a mysterious process. By conforming our character to God’s design, we can awaken in our hearts a sincere love for him. That rekindled affection can drive us to deeper intimacy with God and lead to greater joy in our daily lives.

"As a much as this book is about character and stories of particular women,
it also a look at a set of eight people who knew and loved their Lord—people who allowed themselves to be shaped by Him over and above their culture and their circumstances. It is my hope that Lisa’s insights into these ‘great eight’ propel you towards habits of godliness—putting you in a place to receive grace and fall more deeply in love with your savior—and that in His love you might be re-shaped and re-formed. Our love for Christ and our willingness to follow Him by letting Him shape, form, and mold our character at the level of daily habits and practices is a way that every believer made in His image (women and men) proclaims His love to a world gone mad.”

—Robert William Alexander, author of The Gospel-Centered Life at Work

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ISBN 978-1-941106-11-2  |  List: $16.99