Bigger on the Inside: Christianity and Doctor Who

Like the TARDIS itself, the fanatically popular series Doctor Who is bigger on the inside, full of profound ideas about time and history, the nature of humanity, and the mysteries of the universe. The stories are full of wonder and hope. Perhaps these sci-fi parables can even illuminate the mysteries of faith. Bigger On The Inside is determined to find out, exploring key episodes of the series to discover what light they shed on the contours of Christian thought. Topics include: God the Father, Baptism, Time, Transformation, Evil, Savior, Incarnation, Prayer, Faith, Sanctity of Life, Temptation, Suffering, Story, and Scripture. The ruminations about the overlap of Faith and Doctor Who are not limited to this book. 

Edited by Greg Thornbury and Ned Bustard. Contributors include: J Mark Bertrand, Sarah Etter, Sean Gaffney, Melody Green, Christopher Hansen, Rebekah Hendrian, Tyler Howat, Christian Leithart, Joshua Lickter, Leah Rabe, Carter Stepper, and David Talks.

"I think it’s inevitable, because of Britain’s cultural heritage, that a long-running program about the fight between good and evil will have some Christian themes . . ."
—Barry Letts, Doctor Who director/producer

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ISBN 978-1-941106-00-6  |  List: $17.99