Faith+Vision: Twenty-Five Years of Christians in the Visual Arts

Founded in 1979, Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) was born as a response to the absence of a tangible Christian community within the contemporary American art world. As it matured, CIVA grew to become a place of aesthetic stimulation and spiritual encouragement both to its members and to the several thousand artists and institutions in its formal network. This book is the record of a generation or two of Christians who heeded the call to make art and, in doing so, accepted its manifold challenges, tensions, and affirmations. The hope of the many contributors to this book is that it will serve as a signpost of encouragement to a rising cohort of artists who follow. Between its covers, this book features more than 200 images that showcase the work of CIVA’s most accomplished artists and highlight the quality and breadth of its many traveling exhibitions, conferences, directories, and publications.

"CIVA has been, for 25 years, a unique organization that has demonstrated that religion has not completely vanished from art with the advent of modernism. It has been a bridge between the worlds of art and religion, and a source of information, support, and nurturing for artists exploring the long tradition of Christian art and iconography. This handsome volume is a well-deserved homage to a remarkable organization. I hope it will not only aid in helping the reader understand the history of CIVA and its community of talented artists, but also inspire a wider, interfaith dialogue about the relationship between art and religion."
—Ena Heller, Founding Director of the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA)

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