The New Humanity—Christian Mysteries for Everyday Saints

Our 2005 Conference featured recording artist and speaker Charlie Peacock and his wife Andi Ashworth, as well as, A.D. Bauer, Byron Borger, Tom Becker, and Doug McFall.


New Way to Be Human - Charlie Peacock
The Sacredness of the Everyday Moment - Byron Borger
The New Humanity’s Spiritual Feast - Doug McFall
The Work of Everyday Saints - Andi Ashworth
A Seal of Righteousness We Have By Faith - A.D. Bauer
Celebrating the Mystery - Andi Ashworth and Leslie Bustard
A New Jerusalem? The Atrophy and Allure of City Life - Tom Becker
The New Way of Relationships - Charlie Peacock

Some excerpts from the conference are available through WordMp3.