The New Humanity—A Biblical View of the Fall and Cultural Renewal

The 2004 Conference featured Carl Trueman, A.D. Bauer, Tom Becker, Byron Borger, Matthew Clark, Katrina Hostetter, Doug McFall, Matt Monticchio, Stan Morton, and Stephen Osborne.

Between the Garden and the City - Carl Trueman
Do You Believe in the Fall? - A.D. Bauer
Thorns of the Soul: Greeting Suffering on the way to Wholeness - Katrina Hostetter
Tending the Garden: Environmentalism and the Christian - Stephen Osborne
Can the “Good Life” Get You Back to the Garden? - Stan Morton
Throw a Drowning Man a Line: The Fall in the Culture of Popular Music - Carl Trueman
Reading as a Spiritual Discipline: Promoting the Printed Page in a Fallen, Postmodern World - Byron Borger
Eve Was Framed: Women’s Roles in the Church - A.D. Bauer
Eden Restored? Spiritual Formation After the Fall - Doug McFall
It Was Good: The Need for Beauty’s Return to the Church - Matthew Clark
Seeing through the Eyes of Eden: The Hope of the Messiah - Tom Becker

For the conference Square Halo partnered with the Lime Street Gallery (later known as White Stone Gallery) for an exhibit of “The Beginning” linocut portfolio. And a late night concert was presented by Matthew Monticchio and friends— “Music at the Gates of Eden: Original Sacred Works for Jazz Trio and Choir.”