It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God


"Artists show how we can be the creators--not just critics--of culture. Thoughtful, insightful essays wrestle with theology and practice of the creative enterprise. You'll see hints of classics from Madeleine L'Engle (Walking on Water), Hans Rookmaaker (Art Needs No Justification), and Richard Niebuhr (Christ and Culture)." —Christianity Today


" It Was Good is good, very, very good. For goodness’ sake, taste its goodness for yourself."—Luci Shaw


"This has proved to be a valuable, insightful and penetrating collection: a very fine “gateway” into a growing field." —Jeremy Begbie


"For anyone anywhere who cares about beauty and truth and goodness, but who also feels the aches and sorrows and pains in contemporary culture, It Was Good is very good." —Steve Garber


"It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God signals the Second Renaissance, the second birth of all that is best in the Christian tradition’s vocabulary illuminating the human nature. For this we give thanks and praise." —David Goa


"This anthology’s contributors unabashedly but thoughtfully love the symbiotic good gifts of Creation and creativity. As artists and friends of art, they know that the physical world is too good a gift to allow it to be reduced to an object lesson about “spiritual things,” and that the making and perceiving of art is too valuable to allow it to be reduced to politics or theology. They know as well that God is good but not safe, and that the urge for safe art is often a worldly temptation away from goodness." —Ken Myers


"If believing Christians thought about it carefully, we would realize that there is a conversation we desperately need to have. When it comes to art, it appears we have limited ourselves to two unfortunate choices—pious schlock or impious relevance. It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God is an important book that I hope will help initiate the discussion that should have begun decades ago." —Douglas Wilson


A Christian looks at the world through the eyes of one who has a restored relationship with the Creator, and receives a new vision affecting every area of life—including the creative process. So what does it mean to be a creative individual who is a follower of the creative God? It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God seeks to answer that question through a series of essays which offer theoretical and practical insights into artmaking from a Christian perspective. The Christian worldview is foundational to the approach a believer in Christ takes to making art and artmaking inevitably raises difficult questions. This book offers aid in developing some of the internal tools needed to work through those questions, and so to glorify and enjoy God while trying to speak with a clear and relevant voice to a fallen world.


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